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Meet Mark Taylor

23 Mar Posted by in Cactus Call | Comments Off on Meet Mark Taylor
Meet Mark Taylor

Name: Mark Taylor

Title: Market Researcher

Company: EnerBank USA

Current City: Bountiful, Utah

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Years in the market research industry: 7

What duties does your current job position include? I’m the market researcher on our business intelligence team. I do primary research projects or partner with research partners to conduct research.

How did you first come to work in market research? In my masters program some of my classmates started a class for undergraduates. I sat in and got hooked on the projects they were doing for small businesses and nonprofits.

What led to you to joining the Insights Association? After attending the Corporate Researchers Conference, I realized that I am missing out on additional value and wanted the added benefits of becoming a member.

What is your educational background? I have a Masters in Economics and a Masters of Public Administration

Where else have you worked in the past – including non­‐MR positions? From childhood through college I worked various jobs at my Grandmother’s hotel by the Grand Canyon. My first position in market research was with The Modellers, a Hall and Partners Company.

What do you do in your spare time – hobbies or activities? I love being outdoors and Utah is great for that. My wife and I have two young kids and our third on the way. We love to go camping even though none of us sleep much. We are trying to instill the love of nature in our kids from a young age.

Favorite sports team? University of Utah Rugby – I played in college.

Do you have any unusual talents? Wiggling my ears

What would others be surprised to know about you? I read or listen to 100 books a year

Favorite book or movie? Groundhog Day

What is your ideal vacation? Staying on a houseboat on Lake Powell

What is your favorite quote? Keep moving forward – Walt Disney