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Meet Lynn Fuentes

06 Sep Posted by in Cactus Call | Comments Off on Meet Lynn Fuentes
Meet Lynn Fuentes

Name: Lynn Fuentes

Title: Customer Success Executive

Company: Cint

Current City: Frisco, Texas

Hometown: Singapore

Years in the market research industry: Two short years

What duties does your current job position include? Demonstrating our company’s tool and products to clients, conducting training sessions for clients, participating in sales calls to better understand the different clients and project management

What’s the best aspect of your current job position? The ability to connect with others!

…and the worst (if there is one) ? When expectations are not set correctly!

What do you see coming in the market research industry during the next five years? Easier access of data, and the increase need in data collection.
How did you first come to work in market research? Stumbled into the industry by sending out resumes 😊

What led to you to joining the Insights Association? As a History major, collecting data and analyzing them had always been part of my entire college life, I suppose it just came naturally to me and I am lucky to be hired when I applied for it.

To what other professional organizations do you belong? NA

What is your educational background? MBA in Finance, BA in History and English, Diploma in Teaching.

Where else have you worked in the past – including non-MR positions? I used to be a high school History and English teacher back in Singapore.

What do you do in your spare time – hobbies or activities? Off-roading, watching Football (go Cowboys!) exploring new food places and spending time training with my two German Shepherds

Do you have any unusual talents? I don’t think so?

What would others be surprised to know about you? I really like Latin music.

Favorite book or movie? The Art of War

What is your ideal vacation? Beach vacation in the Bahamas or Bora Bora

Final comment or quotable: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana