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Southwest Chapter of Insights Conference- Phoenix, Arizona (8th August 2019)

30 Aug Posted by in Cactus Call | Comments Off on Southwest Chapter of Insights Conference- Phoenix, Arizona (8th August 2019)
Southwest Chapter of Insights Conference- Phoenix, Arizona (8th August 2019)

Market Research as an industry helps the business to get a
piece of their consumers’ minds and get them a clear picture of what customers
feel about them. I a student of Master of Science in Marketing Research from
the University of Texas at Arlington had an opportunity to attend the Southwest
Chapter of Insights Conference at Phoenix, Arizona on 8th of August 2019. As a
student, it was a great opportunity because I got a chance to interact with a
lot of industry experts. There were some great presentations from different
domains of the industry. Some suppliers, some clients and some sampling
companies which depicted how closely knit the insights industry is. I got to
know how the industry has shifted from the traditional methods of research to
the new methods of research. Also, how big data is affecting our industry and
how new advances in technology are going to affect our industry in the future.
As a newbie to this industry, I got a lot of information and a lot of learnings
through the presentations.

Despite all the advances in technology our focus needs to be
the “Customer”. As one of the presenters said we should “Focus on the problem and not the
. It helped me understand how to connect consumer insights to
drive businesses in the direction of making the right business decisions. In
today’s world where all of us want to get more and more data and we all want to
work on Big Data, we as an industry are different because we want to work on
small but trivial things and focus on the consumers and what they feel and want
instead of just relying on what the big data says. We are more focused on human
interaction and feelings about products and services. We are the ones who
listen to people and try to improve their experience.

I got to learn about designing different metrics and Key
Performance Indicators to bring change and make things to work in a better way.
Changing metrics can change how your stakeholders and customers feel about your
company and its products.  I also got to
learn how blockchain is going to impact our industry. It can change the
dynamics of our industry and we will have to be prepared for the change that is
about to come in the industry and how there needs to be a shift in our approach
to the new advances in technology. This change can be good and bad for the
industry and we should be prepared to make things work in a good way for us. As
a student, I got to be agile and be more adaptive to change. I got to learn
that I need to be ready to learn new things and be ready to LISTEN, ADAPT and
LEARN to be a good fit in the insights industry.

It was a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to
working in the insights industry and being a part of this community.

Pranalee Acharya