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Webinar: Redirected Inbound Call Sampling – April 9th

26 Mar Posted by in Cactus Call, Upcoming Webinars | Comments Off on Webinar: Redirected Inbound Call Sampling – April 9th
Webinar:  Redirected Inbound Call Sampling – April 9th

Redirected Inbound Call Sampling

An Emerging Fit for Purpose Non-probability Telephone Sample Design
April 9th, 2019 – 11:00am CST / 12:00pm ET


Description : 

This webinar introduces Redirected Inbound Call Sampling (RICS) and describes how RICS evolved from a method of telemarketing to an emerging nonprobability survey methodology. After comparing the pros and cons of the three data collection modes, IVR, web and live interviewer, we take an in depth look at the result of an evaluation study, using IVR data collection, that mimicked questions from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). Specifically, we quantify the efficiency of RICS data collection; compare the demographics of the respondents to the population, and quantify bias in the survey estimates. Unlike traditional surveys, RICS interviews can be collected 24/7, since the caller initiated the contact, “night owls” differ from data collected during normal survey hours. After introducing a new metric of data quality called Standardized Calibration Adjustment Index (SCAI), that quantifies the representativeness of the data; we use SCAI to compare RICS with outbound telephone surveys and address based sample surveys. We discuss optimal methods of combining RICS data with other data. We conclude with recommendation for the situations where RICS is “fit for purpose.”

Burton Levine (MS), Sr. Research Statistician for Statistical and Data Sciences, RTI International

Burton oversees sampling design tasks for dual frame telephone, address-based sample, list sample, and online panel surveys in the context of population health surveillance. His research includes creating a new sampling methodology that uses inbound telephone calls, creating tools for optimizing dual-frame telephone sample designs, using calibration techniques to reduce bias and to create small area estimates, combining probability and nonprobability samples.

Scott Richards, CEO and Founder Reconnect Research

Scott is the principal inventor of RICS and leads his team in the R&D of the RICS methodology. For over 20 years, he built and was the CEO of Dial800, a telecom company. Scott believes that the best business relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust. When not working, which isn’t much, Scott loves exercising, biking and hiking with his wife of 33 years, learning, teaching marriage classes, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.