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President’s Message

07 Sep Posted by in Cactus Call | Comments Off on President’s Message
President’s Message

On Being a Member and Mentorship…

We are all Members. Born into the membership of family, we grow and join other groups as members, be it Girl Scouts, Little League, 4H, dance schools or sports teams, there is no society without the concept of individuals composing a group. It’s part of life- our family, neighborhood, hobby, career, medical conditions, faith – they all define our membership; they define us.

Together, our livelihood in the Research sector and our Insights Association membership binds us. We are incontestable members enjoying the general benefits of Insights Association membership. Those benefits are defined on the Web site:

“As the leading voice, resource and network of the marketing research and analytics community, the Insights Association empowers intelligent business decisions.

Through advocacy, education and certification, we enable our members to thrive in an evolving industry and drive actual business impact.” From <>

Members of the Southwest Chapter and National level members may not be aware of the breadth of benefits, useful information and networking offered by membership. The Engage sub-site offers a private clubhouse for information exchange, networking and valuable resources.  I personally value the All Members Forum and the Government Affairs and Compliance groups and have learned much about how our members support and communicate together.

This leads to the idea of Mentorship. How many of us have already reached outside our own companies and connected with a newer member in Research to mentor?  When I was new to research, some key people lent me their ears and were available to bounce off ideas and questions. They are always there for even the “stupid questions”. I have learned so much from the great experience of the members of the Southwest Insights Association and the staff at headquarters Insights Association.

Focus on reaching out to someone you have met in the industry and make a connection of mentorship. You may be surprised of the quality and depth of  discussions that someone new in the industry will have when they feel “safe” to have you as a sounding board.  And if you are a newer Southwest Insights Association member, think about reaching out to someone and establish your connection. Remember, it is not to sell a product or service, but to have someone who can trade work related thoughts and questions without judgement. No one knows everything and everyone knows something. The only way we know more things is to read, live and communicate.

Do yourself a kindness and be sure to log into the Engage Site and sign up to some of the community pages. And then think about someone you have met newer to Research who might appreciate being Mentored.

Jeb Bullis
Voxco North America

President of
Insights Association Southwest Chapter