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Member Spotlight – Lisa Hazen

09 Sep Posted by in Cactus Call | Comments Off on Member Spotlight – Lisa Hazen
Member Spotlight – Lisa Hazen

lisa-hazenName: Lisa Hazen

Where did you grow up? I was born in Irving TX, moved to Arlington TX when I was 6 (with mom and dad of course) and have been there ever since.

Where did you go to school? I went Tarleton State in Stephenville and University of Texas at Arlington. I never graduated but was lucky enough to find my groove in marketing research.

Back then what did you want to be “when you grew up”? When I was really young I never had a concept of what I wanted to do. I think I thought I would be a kid forever. Later, I wanted to go back to my high school and be the girls’ soccer coach. My Girls Scout troop leader converted us to soccer players in the 4th grade. I loved it and was pretty good at it. I played into my adult years until my knees gave up. Interesting Fact: My junior year in high school was the first year for girls’ soccer in high school.

Favorite things: Well family of course! We are crazy and there is never a dull moment. Other things that I love are my fur babies: two Aussies, Bo and Jessie. Bo is a big-boned Aussie at 90+ pounds. Visits to Fredericksburg, TX (Texas Hill country and wine road 290) are super fun. I consider myself a pro at the wine tours there. I love to throw parties or plan events for groups of friends and family. Sprinkle in a little cooking and some reality TV and that’s me.

Family: I have a son that is 24. My daughter is 30 and married and has a 5 year old boy which makes me a super fun Grammy! Much of my extended family (including my QVC-addicted mom) is in the D/FW area so we get together often.

Why marketing research? A cousin of mine asked me if I wanted to work part-time. I said yes, having no idea what she did. Turns out it was marketing research. I started at Decision Analyst when I was a teenager in Coding and Data Entry. I’m still here 30+ years later!

How long have you been in marketing research? Guess I just answered that! I started full-time in 1986 after a number of summer and Christmas gigs. I love what I do. I love the people. I love the community. I love helping others daily with the experience that I been lucky enough to gain with the help of my cousin who gave me my start.

What led you to join the MRA in general and the Southwest Chapter in particular? I had been a member many years ago but let that lapse and then rejoined recently. I think being a part of an organization with like-minded professionals is awesome. Getting to know them and learn from them. It’s a great place to make friends too. The Southwest Chapter is fantastic. So many great people who love what they do. It was the obvious choice being in Texas. I joined the board to give back and challenge myself a little.

Have you worked in other industries? I have only worked in the babysitting industry (ha!) outside of our passionate marketing research industry.

Best thing about your current job? I head Operations for Decision Analyst and run our multilingual coding solutions company, Nuance. The people that work at Decision Analyst are seriously some of the most hard-working, loyal people around. They are amazing and it’s great to work with them every day. I love our new venture with Nuance. It lets me get out and meet researchers that I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. It’s great to be able to help them with our awesome crew.

Things that drive you nuts?
-The stuffing from the most recent Barkbox toys that my dogs so lovingly sprinkle around the house.
-People that don’t follow-through. Do what you commit to. Help others by making their life easier.

Lastly, I would like to encourage others to get involved in industry-related groups if you are not already. It’s pretty jazzy!